What information is being collected?

As an organisation we collect contact details when they are given to us. 

We make videos and so we record the sound and image of people.

If we have hired you, or services from you, to create a project together then we will also have collected the bank details you gave us.

We use a website provider (Squarespace) that, like almost all websites, records tracking data known as Cookies. You can find out what they are recording here.

Who is collecting it?

Generally it would be me. I am David Salas and I am the Co-ordinator of LONE WOLF CLUB FILMS. 

Sometimes, due to the flexible nature of LONE WOLF CLUB films, another producer may be under contract and acting on our behalf. Ultimately though, I am the ‘Data Controller’, and the person to speak to if you have any concerns.

Squarespace, the provider of this website are also collecting the ‘cookies’. If you don’t want this data to be collected you can turn on privacy functions on the ‘browser’ you are using (if unsure of how to do this I would suggest googling “how do I stop cookies”, for a guide). 

Why is it being collected?

We only collect data for the purpose of conducting our direct business of making and screening films and art. We don’t sell your data. 


Specifically we keep contact details to talk to you about projects, potential projects and other things that humans talk about. We will keep contact details that have been entered into contracts that govern our working relationship. At the time of writing we don’t do any direct marketing (although maybe we should, if you would find it interesting to hear about the projects we are making please send me an email) If we do start then we will ask for your consent before we send you a ‘marketing’ communication.  


If we are filming you will almost certainly know that we are filming you. If you are the subject of the shot, we will have talked to you about it. If you are in the general environment we will have done our upmost to provide enough notices so that you know what we are doing and have a point of contact, so that you can make sure that if you don’t want a recording in which you can be identified used, then it won’t be. There may be occasions where there are exceptions to this. These exceptions will always be in line with the Information Commission’s Office (ICO) guidelines for the media and journalism and will be necessary in service of public interest. These situations are rare.


If we have invoiced us for payment then we will be recording your bank detail for tax purposes, and to fulfil our legal obligations to the UK government (HMRC).


Squarespace will be collecting your ‘cookies’ as part of the website provision. Part of this that LONE WOLF CLUB films can see is analytics that tell us how many people have visited the website. You can find more details here.

We will store your data and check back through our email history to check details about current, past and future projects and relationships. 

We will back it up data to make sure that we don’t lose that data due to a fault or accident.

If you are someone we have created a project for we will keep your contact details on a list of all our clients, primarily to help us understand our business. We do feel like we have started a relationship and we want to stay in contact but we don’t currently use this database as a mailing list for direct marketing. If that changes we will contact you and ask you for your permission. 

If you have provided us with a service we have used your data to pay you for that service and keep as part of our legal obligation to the UK government. We will also keep your contact details on a list as a first port of call when looking to crew up for a new project.

We will use a recording of you to create the video project that we talked to you about and that will be seen by people in the way that we talked to you about. Your contact details will also be stored for reference. Unused recordings will sometimes be stored and in rare occasions used for showreels that we make to showcase our work.

How will it be used?

Videos and Release Forms will be shared with the copyright holders. If you are a clearly featured contributor then you will know who this is in the first instance. If you were in a filming environment and your identifiable image was recorded you can use the contact detail from the displayed filming notices that were in the environment to contact us for more information. 

There may be a situation where a film sales agent or distributor would need to receive your data to confirm the ownership of the film (known as chain of title) before purchasing a film for exhibition. This entity will not always be known at the time of recording, in this situation we will have told you about the possibility and it will be brought to your attention via the ‘release form’ or the ‘filming notice’. We will not share your information for marketing purposes.

If you have been a featured contributor your words may be translated into another language to be provided as subtitles. We will try to make the translation as accurate as possible.

Data provided on an invoice will be shared with the UK Government via HMRC. 

‘Cookies’ will be shared with our website provider - Squarespace.

Who will it be shared with?

If you are featured in a video we will have informed you of the intended audience for the project at the time of recording and we will always try to anticipate the widest audience that the film or video might reach. Due to the nature of our interconnected world it may still be surprising to see yourself in a video in an unexpected place. 

If you have provided us with an invoice for service provision and are not correctly registered for tax in the UK then potentially you might be contacted by HMRC.

What will be the effect of this sharing of information be on the individuals concerned?

We don’t think that we are intending to use your data in a way that you wouldn’t want or wouldn’t expect. You have a right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information please email or write to us. In most cases this information will be provided free of charge. We may need to make a small charge to cover the administration if the retrieval is complex. 


We want to make sure that your personal data is accurate and up to date. You may ask us to correct of remove information that you think is inaccurate.


What access does the individual have to the information we hold?

You have the right to our holding or processing your data. Please contact us about this if you want, or need, to. In almost all circumstances, we don’t want to hold your data if you don’t want us to have it.

The Right to Object

This website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to David Salas and LONE WOLF CLUB films so if you visit other sites you may want to review their privacy policies.


On this website what are the limits of what this Privacy Notice covers?

You can contact me David Salas (Data Controller for LONE WOLF CLUB films) via email, twitter or post. 


email: david@lonewolfclubfilms.com  

twitter: @lone_wolf_club

post: ℅ Kaleider, Bathurst House, Exeter, EX1 1BN, UK.


We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will update this privacy policy. This privacy policy was last updated on 25 May 2018.

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